Milwaukee, WI

MCOPP Healthy & Fit Kids

The MCOPP Healthy and Fit Kids Strategic Planning Committee was formed through a partnership with Milwaukee County Organizations Promoting Prevention (MCOPP), the Medical College of Wisconsin, Y-Eat Right, healthTIDE, and Catalyzing Communities researchers. The group aimed to develop a shared understanding of what helps young children in Milwaukee from birth through age five be healthy and fit, and empower community stakeholders to implement evidence-based and community informed strategies to help all young children in Milwaukee be healthy and fit.

Together, the group built a systems map that shows healthy  eating, family resources, and the impact of racism. They used the map to create a mini-report with key takeaways and recommendations for organizations in Milwaukee to promote health and wellbeing of all children and families. The group continues to meet and advance their goals, seen in these Year 2 and Year 3 evaluation reports.

MCOPP is a coalition in Milwaukee that brings together local organizations to support a healthy community. Their working vision is to eliminate health disparities by promoting healthy eating and active living among Milwaukee County children, families, and residents. healthTIDE is a network of statewide partners working on policy, systems, and environment change around nutrition and physical activity.

Community Highlights

Utilizing a network of community gardens

Healthy & Fit MCOPP is working with community-based organizations like community gardens to create gathering spaces to promote holistic health and nutrition for all Milwaukee residents.

Focusing on the Whole Family for Holistic Health and Wellness

Throughout the process, Healthy & Fit MCOPP recognized the importance of engaging young families – including pregnant women and male caregivers – in creating a healthy home environment that enables and empowers families to make healthy choices.

Connecting Community Resources

Through participation in the Stakeholder-driven Community Diffusion process, Healthy & Fit MCOPP identified a need to connect community resources to support community members. They are working to develop a plan for sharing opportunities and resources to ensure all community members have the support they need to help young children countywide thrive.


The Milwaukee County Coalition for Promoting Prevention has long inspired change at the community-level by promoting healthy environments that support children and families. Their podcast series “Days of Learning” focuses on health, wellness, medicine and community engagement, and how these connect and influence chronic disease management and the health of our communities.

Click here to connect with MCOPP, and visit their Facebook page to learn more about how they are working together to create healthy environments throughout the county!

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