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Greenville, SC

LiveWell Greenville

In 2019, Catalyzing Communities researchers developed strong relationships with the leaders of LiveWell Greenville, a non-profit that works to improve the health of the residents of Greenville County, South Carolina. Together, they convened a group of high-level stakeholders from 10 sectors across the community to form the LiveWell Strategic Planning Committee and identify action areas to improve the health environment for children, focusing on building a strong foundation for the future work of the organization.

Community Highlights

Addressing Food Insecurity in Greenville

The LiveWell Strategic Planning Committee worked to increase the capacity of hunger relief agencies that experienced enormous increases in demand due to COVID-19. These efforts resulted in over $1 million of increased funding to these relief agencies.

With the help of the Catalyzing Communities team, the Strategic Planning Committee and LiveWell staff also invested in the development of a Food Security Index data project to provide better information to food security providers who are making crucial decisions about infrastructure and program investment.

Prioritizing Racial Justice Using Group Model Building

Members of the LiveWell at Worship Work Group convened a small subgroup to explore the impact of racism in Greenville. Applying methods and skills learned during the Catalyzing Communities project, LiveWell Greenville staff led the group in a series of sessions to explore the impact of racism and economic mobility over time in Greenville County and identify ways to address these issues through partnership and action.

Mapping out a plan for future impact

The LiveWell Strategic Planning Committee worked closely to identify the forces that shape childhood obesity in Greenville and created a causal loop diagram and strategic plan that provides a roadmap for LiveWell Greenville future work to address the complex drivers of health, and improve wellness county-wide.

Thank you to LiveWell Greenville for allowing the use of their photos throughout this website.

Inspire Change

”Over the past 4 months, we have been able to capitalize on more than $1.26M in funding  because we had plans in place to respond to local and national grant opportunities… [which] were in place because of our work with you all!”
– Sally Wills, Executive Director, LiveWell Greenville

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