The Learning Collaborative

What is the Learning Collaborative? 

The Catalyzing Communities Learning Collaborative is an interdisciplinary network of engaged coalitions, practitioners, and partners interested in equitably addressing complex drivers of child health to create environments where all children can thrive. We strive to support communities as they work towards reversing the trends that drive negative health outcomes and disparities. We provide resources to support community work and inspire positive change in the health of all children. Send us an email at to say hello or let us know if you’d like to receive updates!


Every month, we distribute an email newsletter that includes links to articles, tools, guides, events and funding opportunities to help communities thrive, and support critical work in child health and equity. The newsletter is available to anyone who wants to join our email list! Just send an email to

Keynote Speaker Presentations

A few times a year, we host virtual Keynote Speaker Presentations where experts in the field share their knowledge and wisdom with a broader audience. Generally, our topics center child health equity and outcomes. Our Keynote Speaker events are online and open to the public, and provide an exciting opportunity for you to join other coalitions, practitioners, and community members doing this important work across the country! If you would like to be added to our Keynote Speaker invitation list, send an email to

existing network

Learn more about the other communities where Catalyzing Communities is already making a difference in the lives of children and families.