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We work to change the way that people think about and approach obesity prevention, and are committed to advancing both the science and practice of community-based health promotion.

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We publish research on interventions that improve childhood health, grounded in whole-of-community approaches and systems theory. We strive to advance the fields of obesity prevention and community health, and actively pursue opportunities to share our research findings in peer-reviewed scientific publications. Our work has been published in high-impact journals like Obesity, American Journal of Public Health, Preventing Chronic Disease, and Childhood Obesity.


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The second part of the workshop, put on by the National Academies of Medicine Roundtable on Obesity Solutions,  looked at existing societal systems that have the potential to shape public health, and consider opportunities for systems change as they relate to obesity solutions. Presenters explored how systems and contributing factors like inequity (i.e., social determinants), power dynamics, relationships, capacity, and political will affect systems that can influence obesity, and how they can impact effective communications and cross-sector collaboration to address obesity. 

This virtual workshop, hosted by the National Academies of Medicine Roundtable on Obesity Solutions, provided background on systems theories, methodologies, and applications in community-based obesity prevention. Read the Workshop Proceedings here.

A movement by moments: Christina Economos at TEDxSomerville

What happens when a dozen concerned doctors diagnose you with a serious condition, via email, after seeing you on national television? If you’re Christina Economos, one of America’s leading health activists, you act first – and then thank the universe for the concern and kindness of strangers. In this TEDx talk, Dr. Economos shares more about her work, and how Shape Up Somerville has become a national model for curbing obesity.

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