Community Engagement

Involving the whole community

Our whole-of-community approach brings a core group of multisector leaders together to implement change from multiple organizations and levels.

Doing this work means that in each community our team works with a range of groups to different extents, always with an eye towards building community capacity for systems thinking and identifying and implementing actions that are primed to make an impact.

everyone plays a role 

Community changemakers

Two or three community leaders who lead and steward the work forward over the Catalyzing Communities project engagement and beyond. We work with changemakers to develop and sustain a strong relationship over our engagement together. Changemakers are actively involved in co-designing and leading group activities in the initial phase of the work, and will build capacity for systems thinking and facilitation throughout the project. 

Community Stakeholders

A multi-sector group of around 15 people who participate in group activities in the initial phase of the project. These stakeholders will work together to identify a trend realted to child obesity and equity, share perspectives to develop a deep understanding of the complex drivers and impacts of the trend, and identify places to intervene to impact their community.

community connectors

These community members – colleagues and peers of the stakeholder group and other coalition members – are surveyed periodically to help us understand the change process in your community.

community champions

We know from decades of work that generating buy-in from community champions (elected officials, CEOs, school superintendent) is crucial to advancing the cause of obesity prevention and equity promotion. Our work together will generate new insights and compelling communications tools to secure and sustain the support of these key leaders so your work will last far beyond our project period.

existing network

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