We publish research on interventions that improve childhood health, grounded in whole-of-community approaches and systems theory. We strive to advance the fields of obesity prevention and community health and actively pursue opportunities to share ChildObesity180’s research findings in peer-reviewed scientific publications. Our work has been published in high-impact journals like Obesity, American Journal of Public Health, Preventing Chronic Disease, and Childhood Obesity.

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Korn AR, Hammond RA, Hennessy E, Must A, Pachucki MC, Economos, C.D. Evolution of a Coalition Network during a Whole-of-Community Intervention to Prevent Early Childhood Obesity. Childhood Obesity. 2021 Mar 23. doi: 10.1089/chi.2020.0156. (Epub ahead of print.) 

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Calancie, L., Fullerton, K., Appel, J. M., Korn, A. R., Hennessy, E., Hovmand, P., & Economos, C. D. (2020). Implementing Group Model Building With the Shape Up Under 5 Community Committee Working to Prevent Early Childhood Obesity in Somerville, Massachusetts. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice : JPHMP, 10.1097/PHH.0000000000001213.

Hennessy, E., Economos, C. D., Hammond, R. A., & SUS Systems Map Team and the COMPACT Team (2020). Integrating Complex Systems Methods to Advance Obesity Prevention Intervention Research. Health Education & Behavior: The Official Publication of the Society for Public Health Education, 47(2), 213–223.

Hennessy, E., Korn, A., & Economos C.D. (2019). Using Systems Approaches to Catalyze Whole-of-Community Childhood Obesity Prevention Efforts. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

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Korn, A.R., Hennessy, E., Hammond, R.A., Allender, S., Gillman, M.W., Kasman, M., McGlashan, J., Millar, L., Owen, B., Pachucki, M.C., Swinburn, B., Tovar, A., & Economos, CD. (2018). Development and testing of a novel survey to assess Stakeholder-driven Community Diffusion of childhood obesity prevention efforts. BMC Public Health, 18(1) 1-11.

Korn A.R., Hennessy E., Tovar A.,  Finn C., Hammond R.A., Economos C.D. (2018). Engaging coalitions in community-based childhood obesity prevention interventions: A mixed-methods assessment. Childhood Obesity. 14(8), 537-552.

McGlashan, J., Nichols, M., Korn, A., Millar, L., Marks, J., Sanigorski, A., Pachucki, M., Swinburn, B., Allender, S., & Economos, C. (2018). Social network analysis of stakeholder networks from two community-based obesity prevention interventions. PloS one, 13(4), e0196211.

Owen, B., Brown, A.D., Kuhlberg, J., Millar, L., Nichols, M., Economos, C.D, & Allender, S. (2018). Understanding a successful obesity prevention initiative in children under 5 from a systems perspective. PLoS one, 13(3), e0195141.

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