Request for partnership

Thank you for your interest in the Catalyzing Communities initiative!

Our RFP is currently closed and we are in the process of reviewing applications. If you’d like to get in touch to learn more about the Catalyzing Communities initiative please email us at catalyzingcommunities@tufts.edu. 

What does a partnership offer?

Our partnership can energize your work and amplify your impact.

  • Tangible engagement: Our partnership can energize your work and amplify your impact in your community. You will see tangible engagement and exciting ideas from those who haven’t been part of your coalition and those who are already participating and excited for a new way of working.
  • Positive community impact: Through our innovative three phase process you will identify high-impact, evidence-based strategies that are primed to succeed in your community.
  • A new way of thinking: Our team will provide capacity building and ongoing technical support for systems thinking, equitable child obesity prevention strategies, and data use and evaluation, to bring a fresh perspective and energy to your work.
  • Networking and connections: You will join a cohort of likeminded coalitions who are doing this work across the country and have access from top researchers and organizations working on other complex drivers of health (e.g., toxic stress, child development) to ensure the work we do is translated into meaningful impact.
  • Financial support: We invest in our partnerships to support this work. You will receive fiscal support for community changemakers, stipends for research participants, and access to up to $10,000 in catalyst grant funds for program initiatives. We will also work with you to apply for new funding opportunities to secure future funding and sustain initiatives in your community.

Our partners

We work with existing, multisector coalitions, serving a geographically defined area and working to implement equitable childhood obesity solutions to help all children thrive.

Our partners are interested understanding and addressing deep systemic drivers of child health and equity that impact obesity and related disparities in their community.

Read more about our current community partners here! 

existing network

Learn more about the other communities where Catalyzing Communities is already making a difference in the lives of children and families.